Sunday, 24 June 2012


At Christmas, my present was the wood for a training wall in the garden. We built it to the exact spec of the Moonboard, as designed by Ben Moon and situated in the School Room in Sheffield. I then got myself the Original School Room Holds and I've been training on these ever since. The holds are awesome and feel great, if a little small! Since I got I've been pushing my grade and it has really helped me to improve which is epic.

The other day I reset the holds with setup 1. I've tried a couple of these before but without success. The first problem I did was fairly important for me. It was only a 6c+, yet back in January, whilst trying this problem, I ruptured a pulley on the second to last move and this set me back a fair ways in terms of my progress. Yet I got on it and did it in about 5 minutes which felt awesome to finally do it!

I then got to work on one of the 7a's, it didn't feel too bad and I can do all the moves, yet on the final one I keep popping with my left hand and ending up on my back, which is lame! I've also started work on the other 7a, this one is only 3 moves, all very dynamic on fairly decent holds. I got close, yet sticking the final move is horrible as the hold is fairly slopey, hopefully going to do it soon!  

I had to stop though as my finger ended up bleeding again, why does this always happen!

Thanks for reading

Harry Hazeldean

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