Friday, 3 August 2012

Beach Highballing

With all the crap weather in the past few weeks I have barely been able to get outside! So frustrating having to stay on plastic, but have been able to get in some decent sessions at the Arch and Biscuit Factory.  Anyway, the other weekend we were down in Cornwall for one of the first decent weekends of the summer. It was so nice to be able to actually have hot weather for once!

One of the beaches we went to is called Hemmick beach. I've been there a couple of times before and have noticed a rocky outcrop up above the cliff and it has some decent rock! Most of the rock in that area of Cornwall is shale and totally unclimbable and so is sick to have rock that doesn't all flake off. I brought my shoes and chalk to the beach and took a small trip up there for some highballing. It was up to a maximum height of around 8 metres so wasn't too bad not having a mat.

I think that most of these were FA's too which is pretty sick. There's just one route there which I want to do next time; this follows a steadily overhanging face at around 45 degrees. Because of the overhang it is by far the longest route there, probably at around 10 metres in length and looks fairly technical.

Also, in the harbour in the village where we were staying, I noticed a small DWS which was a technical traverse over the lip of a cave. It was only really suitable at high tide but nevertheless I gave it a go. Thankfully I didn't fall in as the sea is pretty nippy! I didn't quite finish it though, so will give it another go next time we are down.

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