Wednesday, 13 June 2012

The Solution is here

Well, for a while now my Miura's have had fairly large holes in the toes and looking slightly the worse for wear. So I embarked on an epic quest to find a new pair of shoes! I tried loads of brands, Evolv, 5.10 etc..  I then found a second hand pair of La Sportiva Solutions on eBay! I got them yesterday and have been trying them out and they are so epic!! The toe and heel hooking is incredible and the downturn is so aggressive!! So psyched about using them!

On another note, I managed to put the slackline up again tonight and it is so epic! Today I tried to do a seat-drop on it which is  much easier said than done! I ended up with a seriously scraped back from missing the line so many times! Properly killed afterwards!

Thanks for reading.

Harry Hazeldean

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